NPR: Web Chat: Blagojevich and Bailouts

December 12, 2008

So I’ve just joined a live NPR Web Chat for the first time. And my question got answered.

Dick Meyer:  A question from Wes Mikel:
[Comment From Wes Mikel]
How did Blago manage to rise through the ranks when he seems to have so few qualms about lying and cheating and… oh. Answered my own question.
Dick Meyer:  Ken, this is up your alley…
Ken Rudin:  Great question.   It was easy for Democrats to be perceived as the reformers, especially in 2002, when GOP Gov. George Ryan was up to his eyeballs in a corruption investigation.   Blago was first elected to Congress in ’96, defeating the guy who beat Rosty two years prior.   He really got his political start by marrying the daughter of Dick Mell, a Chicago ward boss who is a major player in city Dem politics.
Liz:  And that rise may be capped soon by a resignation: local Chicago television station …

Liz:  reported that he is close to resigning. And Blago met this morning with ministers, who came to his home.
Now THAT’S interactive journalism. My specific question was addressed. You can bet I’m coming back for more of these.

UPDATE: Read the full transcript from NPR.


One Response to “NPR: Web Chat: Blagojevich and Bailouts”

  1. Glad to see you’re back to blogging. I’ll be sure to bookmark this.

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